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Ventana Mining Company has rediscovered one of the primary sources of Guatemalan jadeite that was used by the storied Olmec and Maya cultures in early Mesoamerican history. Ventana Mining Company holds three jadeite mining concessions in eastern Guatemala. In total, the Company’s extraordinary mineral resource is the largest known jadeite jade deposit in the western hemisphere and the largest undeveloped jadeite deposit in the world.

Over the past decade, and most noticeably in the last three years, both jadeite and nephrite have both experienced large percentage increases in demand and price. Our company is in the process of commercially developing its mineral concessions to supply the marketplace with an alternative source of high quality jadeite material. The majority of jadeite from Guatemala is from good to lower quality which is typical of a large scale jadeite deposit. Within our substantial resource, however, there is fine grained, bright, saturated green jadeite and lavender and white colorations that are highly sought after by the jewelry industry and artisans. In addition to its primary use in jewelry and artifacts, jadeite can be fabricated into an extremely beautiful and rare decorative building material and large blocks can be used in the carving of statues.

"If the locality of the rich green chalchihuitls of Mexico and Central America could be found, and the material could be obtained in any quantity, it would be a beautiful addition to our ornamental stones, as well as an interesting discovery from the standpoint of science." — George Frederick Kunz, Gems and Precious Stones of Mexico, 1907.

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