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Jadeite and the associated eclogite (garnet-jadeite) can be used as an aesthetically pleasing and highly durable decorative building material. Unlike other semi-precious or precious stone decorative building materials, jadeite symbolizes status, wealth and power in the "green stone" cultures. In the past, jadeite with less desirable color, granularity or translucency was used for low-end, commercial jewelry and artisan carvings. The remainder of this material was discarded as waste. Ventana intends to develop this beautiful material into high end polished decorative building products.

  • Jadeite and eclogite are unique and extraordinary. Jadeite has a unique and highly desirable aesthetic characteristic - it can be translucent. This allows thin polished translucent panes of green jadeite to be illuminated and then assembled as interior wall sections.
  • Jadeite has physical properties which are far superior to any other dimension stone described in the engineering or scientific literature. The same properties which make jadeite a superior dimension stone. Unlike most gem materials, which are single mineral crystals, jadeite is a fine-grained rock (aggregate of minerals) composed of 65 to 95% jadeite (sodium aluminum silicate), 5 to 35% diopside (calcium magnesium silicate) and trace amounts of other silicates.
  • Eclogite is a rock composed of sub-equal amounts of jadeite, diopside, and garnet. Both of these rocks are metamorphosed slices of the earth’s lower crust and upper mantle uplifted to the surface along major fault zones at the boundaries between crustal plates.
  • Both rock-types are extremely rare.

Unfinished Jadeite

As Ventana transitions the project into the production phase of development we plan to extract and sort various colorations and grades of jadeite rough pieces. The higher grade jade material is destined for use by jewelry designers and fabricators, the jade carving industry and artisanal communities.

In addition, we plan to quarry and custom cut extremely large blocks of solid jadeite that can be used for carving large icons, religious statues and cultural symbols. Throughout Ventana's mining concession there are large boulders, some weighing in excess of 1,000 metric tonnes that contain pods and veins of deep green jadeite.

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Finished Jadeite Products

Ventana plans to introduce finished jadeite decorative building products into the global marketplace. We plan to fabricate jadeite into solid polished square tiles, mosaic tiles and moldings of different colorations and various dimensions that can be used as floor and wall covering, fireplace tiles, decorative inlays, trim strips and accent pierces in interior and exterior design applications.

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